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Online Reputation Management

Building your company and developing a strong client base is not a joke, and you know how important your reputation is. Providing excellent service and constantly satisfying customers, you have been used to seeing new clients checking out your business. Then all of a sudden, they stop coming. You turn to search engines and discover that your company has received negative reviews. What will you do when someone endeavours to show your business in a bad light?

Your Customers and Your Online Reputation

You must understand that consumers take online reviews seriously. A large percentage of customers turn to online reviews before making a purchase. Needless to say, if you value your business, you must have a solid online reputation management program. Having a spotless online reputation should be one of your top marketing priorities and that’s where Search Group comes in.

Search Group’s Online Reputation Management Program

Search Group is a Perth-based company that provides a wide range of digital marketing services, including online reputation management. Our PR professionals understand how much value our clients put in their company’s credibility. Hence, we utilise a number of strategies in recovering and maintaining a company’s positive online reputation.

At Search Group, we have a team of PR professionals who constantly monitor online listings and clean or bury negative comments whenever they arise. Additionally, we can help you set up and maintain social media accounts where you can positively promote your business and reach out to customers. Rest assured that we will work across a wide range of Server Operating Systems, hosting platforms, Content Management Systems (CMS), database driven dynamic as well as static web site variations to deliver your needs.

Learn more how we can help you build an effective online reputation management program by contacting Search Group today.

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