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Link Building Services

Building relevant quality backlinks to a website is one of the most important elements for consideration in achieving Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) success. By establishing a suitable collection of quality reputable backlinks, your website’s contents get more attention from major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing as well as increasing direct traffic immediately from these backlink sources.

Because of an ever-changing search engine algorithm amongst the major Search Engines, and impact upon previous SEO strategies that may have been employed, those previously obtained backlinks sometimes lose their effectiveness when not updated or could even be considered detrimental leading to a penalty from the Search Engines for your online business. Managing a successful backlink building program can be quite difficult, especially if you know nothing about the current SEO strategies needed to be applied to ensure Search Engine satisfaction.

With Search Group, you’ll stay in the loop and be informed about the impact from major and minor SEO changes. The company, which is headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, provides clients with the current best practice methodology in SEO and provides recommendations on the most effective SEO strategies customised to suit individual business websites and their requirements. One of which is Link Building.

Search Group’s approach in Link Building

Search Group treats link building as an integral part of the business’ online marketing plan for long term SEO improvement. Its link building services are divided into four different areas: reach, act and convert, engage, and measure.

Selecting local, relevant, targeted directories and sites for submission, Search Group’s SEO specialists will also connect your online business to channels where the targeted demographic for your business reside, as well as build trust and relationships for your brand, particularly through the assistance of our Social Media specialists. Search Group has experience in working locally, nationally and internationally, delivering plans to suit the reach and focus of your business. If your website has been hit by a sudden drop in traffic, or a manual penalty from Google, talk to the team at Search Group to implement a recovery strategy, or mitigate risk from future algorithm updates with a review of your current inbound link strategy to discover potential areas of concern and map a process to build healthy good quality links to improve the experience for users and search engine alike.

To increase your online visibility through the latest and most efficient link building strategies, contact Search Group to determine what your website exactly needs.

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