Google Manual Penalty Recovery - Search Group
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Google Manual Penalty Recovery

At times, Google algorithm updates may cause your traffic to drop. You may notice that on a specific date, there may be a steep decline in your traffic and that your site disappeared from search results. You will then receive a notification from Google that you incurred a manual penalty.

You don’t have to worry about any permanent damage because here at Search Group, we can help your site recover after a Google manual penalty. Our team of highly experienced SEO specialists will identify the problems and take the necessary steps to fix them.

What Search Group Does With Manual Penalties

At Search Group, we have a team of SEO specialists who take calculated, results-oriented measures in resolving issues that your website may encounter. Once we receive the Google Webmaster Tools Manual Penalty notice, we will analyse it carefully and identify whether the problem lies with the on-site content or bad backlinks. Our SEO specialists will then develop a recovery plan that will address the identified issues. On your behalf, we will submit a reconsideration request and will repeat or take further actions until Google accepts it.

White Hat SEO Avoids Google Manual Penalties

Google manual penalties are rolled out in the search engine’s effort to take serious actions against violators of its webmaster guidelines. At Search Group, we utilise white hat SEO tactics to ensure that we would not jeopardise your site. When we use strategies that comply with search engines’ terms of service, we avoid being hit with a Google manual penalty. At the same time, our white hat SEO tactics add true value to your site and your customer’s experience. Rest assured that we keep abreast the latest search engine policy updates and strictly follow them.

Search Group offers a wide array of results-oriented SEO and digital marketing services. Contact us today to discover how we can get the online attention that your site deserves.