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Forensic SEO

Websites also lose their rankings from time to time and it is important to determine the reasons why they dropped before taking any action. That’s where forensic SEO comes into play.

There are many different factors that can affect a website’s rankings and traffic. It may be a manual penalty wherein someone from the search engine web spam lowers the ranking of specific parts of your site. Another possibility may be the changes in search engines’ algorithms. Sudden changes in marketing strategies or page level infrastructures may also decrease traffic and ranking.

Forensic SEO provides an in-depth analysis of all the possible options to discover the root cause and to determine how to recover. It helps you understand where your site falls short in terms of search engine indexing and ranking.

Characteristics of an Effective Forensic SEO Specialist:

  • Comprehensive knowledge on how search engines crawl and read data
  • Complete understanding of the search engines’ principles
  • Solid command of practices and qualities that search engines consider to be “natural”
  • Completely skilled in effective and permissible corrective SEO strategies

When you are looking for the most ideal forensic SEO specialist for your website, turn to Search Group. We are a digital marketing firm based in Perth that specialises in providing a results-oriented and holistic approach when it comes to diagnosing website errors. Moreover, we work across a wide range of Server Operating Systems, hosting platforms, Content Management Systems (CMS), database driven dynamic as well as static web site variations in delivering our clients’ needs.

Search Group’s Forensic SEO Process Includes:

  • Utilising the proper platform in analysing site traffic changes
  • Reviewing the website’s back link history and identifying harmful links
  • Making necessary website updates by modifying low quality or insignificant content
  • Thoroughly cleaning up the website’s backlink profile, lifting any penalties incurred

Not all SEO specialists can perform high quality and effective forensic SEO steps. At Search Group, we have a team of experts who have years of experience dealing with search engines and resolving search engine penalties. With our forensic SEO services, your website will regain its optimum performance and relevance on search engines.

Contact Search Group today to learn more about a wide array of online marketing strategies designed to give your business an online boost.

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