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Tips to improve your Content Marketing

The Internet is all about information. It is because of this that generating content plays a sizable role in virtually any Web-related strategy. Google may have changed its algorithms more times that you would have wanted, but one thing has remained constant so far—the demand for high-quality content. Remember that saying ‘Content is King’?

Now you may be thinking, how can you make good content if you are not a pro in writing? No worries, the tips below will get you started:

General writing tips

Know your readers

Assuming you have picked a topic, the first thing you have to keep in mind is who your readers are. Are they from your niche? Are they kids? Make sure to employ verbiage that will be understood by your readers. If you are unsure of the specifics of your readership, it’s best to keep your words simple. Use jargon only when necessary. Google Analytics demographic data will provide a very good insight into the persona of your converting consumers.

Keep it brief

Make your content easy to read by keeping your paragraphs between five to seven lines in length. You can do this by getting to the point and avoiding unnecessary statements.

Keep it personal

The best content is that which reads like actual conversations. Tell a story. Use “I” or “you” unless otherwise specified. It would also help if you could infuse your content with your personality to make it unique. You can make it humorous, entertaining or serious—the choice is yours.


No one likes content that is all over the place. As such, make sure that your content flows smoothly from intro to finish. Do not be scared to use subheadings to divide your content into neat sections. If needed, use bold and italicise for emphasis.

Use images

People can be very visual. As such, content with images are often more preferred than those with just text. Add images but make sure that they are relevant to your content.

Manage expectations

Set the mood with a catchy headline. Click-bait, hyperbolic headlines may be popular today, but they do not suit every situation. Follow up your title with an intro that sets your readers’ expectation of the content. Support the intro with an informative content body. Finally, wrap up the content by ensuring that your readers understood your message once they finish reading.

Writing B2B content

There may be times when you will have to write with other business owners as readers. For instances like this, use the following tips:

Write evergreen

Just like evergreen plants, make sure to write about topics that will stay relevant for a long time. Avoid fads unless they have potentially long-term effects. In case changes affect the relevance of your content, be prepared to make updates.

Support your points

Simply saying that your product was well-received is not enough. Back up your statement with studies, surveys and figures. To make your content more engaging, you can employ visual aids such as infographics.

Give readers a reason to read

Make sure that your readers will derive something from your content. A good idea is to keep it actionable through lists and how-to instructions. You can even add instructional videos and images. You can also offer industry insights or solutions to common problems. In the end, you may even offer resources that your readers can turn to for further assistance.

Establish your authority

It will not harm you to talk about yourself in your content. Allocate a small part of the content to showcase your accomplishments as these will get your readers’ attention.


Headlines are the things your readers will notice. For this reason, it is vital that you create an excellent headline. Making sure that is as specific as possible is a good start. Indicate that your content is backed by data. Make certain that your readers know what they gain from reading your content.

Make it interesting

Just because you are writing for business owners does not mean you have to make your content dull. Incorporate emotion and personality into your content as this will help in keeping your readers engaged.

Writing B2C content

Writing content for consumers is different from writing for business owners. Let the tips below guide you:

Timing and topic

Customers want to be updated. Select topics that are trendy and post them as soon as possible. You may also cover the latest events in your content to attract more readers. If you can, incorporate pop culture to maximise shares and likes. Are you following trending hashtags for topic suggestions?

Quantity is key

It is ideal that you post as often as possible, especially if you have a history of posting about the latest events.

Use visuals

When writing for consumers, it is okay to have more visuals than actual text. You can even post hybrid content or a combination of different formats. This includes videos, podcasts and GIFs.

Get their attention

Aside from using catchy headlines, you can also limit the length of your content so that it remains easily digestible and edgy. Use emotions to capture their interest. Use visuals that are emotionally charged, too. Make sure, however, to avoid making your content too heavy.

Let readers participate

Consumers enjoy being able to participate. That said, it is a good idea to incorporate interactive elements to your content. Add quizzes and games, if you can. You can also enable commenting so readers can respond to your content. Asking a question at the end of your post can stimulate engagement, particularly with Social Media.

Writing great content is not as difficult as you may think it is. Just keep on practicing by writing often to hone your skills. The more you write, the better you will be at it and the more traffic your site will get.

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