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Benefits of Blogging

Around 90% of online marketers believe that content creation is one of the most effective SEO strategies around. Website owners think that through effective content marketing techniques, they’ll pass the standards set by “Google Panda,” a Google search engine algorithm update sequence that was aimed at finding high quality sites by “reducing the rankings of low-quality content.” One of the most used content marketing strategies is blogging.

Blogging is the process of publishing fresh and interesting content supported with a variety of rich media like articles, images, and videos. It was first introduced in late 1990s and gained mainstream popularity in 2004 with the arrival of free blog hosting sites such as, WordPress, and Tumblr. With more people engaging in blogging, businesses flocked to various blog sites to promote their products and services.

Blogging is now an important aspect of a website’s operation and content generation process. According to the infographic provided by Search Group below, blogs now have a bigger influence on customers’ buying decisions as compared to magazines (63% to 37% ratio). When investing in and developing an online business, it is important have a strategy to curate quality content.

Benefits of Blogging Infographic

Benefits of Blogging

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How does blogging help in online marketing?

Generate Publicity – Through interesting write ups, photos, or viral videos, you’ll generate significant exposure via the web. Once people find your blog interesting, there is a high probability that they will retweet or socially share it.

Establish Authority and Credibility – Through your blogs, your audience will learn of your knowledge and expertise in the products and services you are offering. You can’t buy people’s trust. However, you can earn it by satisfying their thirst for information through your informative blogs.

Build Solid Relationship with Customers – Whenever customers leave comments, suggestions, or testimonials, that means they are interested in what you are selling. Through their feedbacks, you get to know your audience and they get to know you, too. You can use the information they supply to better attend to their needs.

Makes it easier to tell what to improve on the site – Positive feedback can lure more visitors while the negative responses will provide you the opportunity to study what aspects need improvement.

Expand your email database – If readers find your blog interesting and worth following, they will subscribe to your email newsletter, establishing a ‘stickiness’ to your website, where you can continue to reinforce your message over time, whilst establishing trust.

More Indexed Pages – Blog posts are indexed by search engines as a single page. This means that the more blogs you post, the more possible it is for you to increase page saturation and achieve a larger online footprint with increased reach.

The Ultimate Effect of Blogging

If you experience all or most of the benefits mentioned above, you will receive a higher return on your online marketing investment. As the Search Group infographic shows, websites that update their blog site 21 to 50 times a month records 45% growth rate in online traffic. If your website generate’s more traffic, that naturally means more people are interested in what you are selling.

Learn more about blogging and the latest marketing strategies used by major websites. Talk to one of our SEO specialists and get the attention that you really deserve online.

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