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Google Search Network

Google Adwords PPC: Google Search Network

Do you want to give your website an online boost? If so, then Google Adwords PPC advertising on the Google Search Network is the best option for you.

Business owners can rely on organic listings, but the chances of having a more successful campaign lies on running advertising with Google Adwords PPC on the Google Search Network. It is a well-known form of Google Adwords PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising which allows users to include extensions with additional links, phone numbers and addresses. Moreover, running campaigns on Google Search Network drives more conversions than display campaigns since it connects business owners to people who are actively looking for their products with Google Adwords.

Why run a Google Search Network Campaign?

  • Cost effectiveness – you only pay for the number of clicks your Google Adwords PPC ad acquires. You can also set a budget per day to control your spending.
  • Accurate traffic – options for geotargeting are included within Google Adwords PPC and it allows you to target a radius around a metro area, state, country or in regions of interest.
  • Transparency – you can view conversions from the ad and keyword levels, enabling you to measure which works and which doesn’t.

At Search Group, we have seen countless of benefits that running Google Adwords PPC ads has provided for our clients. Running Google Adwords PPC campaigns will transform your business and increase it by leaps and bound. Every effort you put into your PPC ads will not go into waste, but instead they will turn into growth and profit. Although running ads on Google Search Network does not work for all businesses, there are still more reasons to love it if it is suited for you.

If you want to know if running Google Adwords PPC advertising on Google Search Network is advisable for your business or if you want to learn how you can run campaigns successfully, contact Search Group now. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will assist you with your queries. Our Google Adwords PPC staff are all trained through the Google Partner program, with certification in Google Adwords for the Google Search Network, Google Display Advertising, Google Product Listing Adverts, YouTube advertising, Google Analytics as well as additional certification on the Bing/Yahoo! Ads Professional program.

Search Group's Google Adwords PPC Google Search Network Comparison Plan

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This form is to be used for information about Search group and our services. We will not respond to any enquiries received about job offers, job requests or Outsourcing.
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